Why is your website so simple ?

This version of website is temporary used.

In order to offer the best using experience, we are still adjusting our website and temporarily blocked the overseas business.

The latest new version will be released in a couple of months. We are sure our content will surprise you at that time, and you'll love our service.

What main content will be added to the new version?

A. 10M+ SKU & 900+ superior suppliers data, so that your one-stop electronic components shopping is no longer difficult.

B. The intelligent BOM service. Intelligent BOM System highly shorten the project cost calculation time & highly improve the buying efficiency.

C. Professional service, our professional service team will help effectively reduce the project risks.

When will the new version of the website be on the line?

Around this October, please look forward to it.

What can we do in Allchips?

In Allchips, you can check the price, match your BOM, and buy the components directly online. It’s just like what you can do in Amazon, Ebay or Aliexpress.

How do we know the components quality?

All the sources suppliers are original factories or authorized agents in Allchips, we have professional team control and select the right original suppliers. Till now, there are over 750 original sources suppliers worked directly with us, including Future, Allchips, WPG, Panasonic, Royalohm, etc. We plan to increase to 1000 in June 2017.

How about the price in Allchips?

Allchips directly links the original sources and the end users, to ensure there are no other transactions between, and lowest prices promised. Even compare with AVNET, Allchips can lower 60% discount.

Can we only order online?

Here we support both online and offline service. For special product requirements, our professional sales team will stand by and offer assistant when needed. Please feel free to contact our team: